My Top 5 Best Triathlon Products For 2022!


Ask anyone I train with and they will tell you I’m a product and gadget guy – I find the need to have the latest tools, the latest tri suit, the newest power meters and the most up to date bike…what I lack in natural ability and talent, I make up for in trying to gain some “free speed”!

The following is a list of the 5 items I can’t live without this year when it comes to triathlon training. I currently (as of May 2022) use all these items and can recommend all of these without hesitation – as they say – practice what you preach!

  1. Garmin Forerunner 935 Sports Watch

Price: From $259 USD At Amazon

The Garmin Forerunner 935 is not the newest watch in Garmin’s range of Sports Watches, nor is it the most expensive. For me, it is the perfect balance of technology, battery life, features and affordability.

Weighing in at just under 50 grams, this super-light watch is loaded with features. It boasts a super easy to use multi-sport mode, wrist based HR (plus ability to connect a chest strap). It features GPS as well as WIFI connectability, and also conveniently delivers smartphone notifications straight to your wrist.

More importantly though, in GPS and workout mode, it boasts an impressive 24 hours battery life – more than enough for any full Ironman event. In fact, battery life wise, I rarely charge my watch any more than once a week, which is super impressive!

Remember, these retail at $499 USD, but you can currently grab them for as little as $259 USD From

2. Giro Aerohead MIPS Aero Helmet

Price: From $299 USD At Amazon

Number 2 on my list is all about getting those Marginal Gains! Swapping out a traditional road helmet for an aero helmet is an easy way to shave precious time off that bike leg. In fact, in a track test, the Aerohead was shown to save an impressive 15 watts versus a traditional helmet!

I spent a while looking for a helmet, as I wanted to find something that ticked all the boxes! I wanted something comfy, something that was cool (I can get quite warm on the bike), and something with an integrated visor – the Aerohead ticked all these boxes. In fact, I was super surprised with just how much ventilation the helmet provided over a number of other competitor helmets that I compared to!

Now keep in mind, an aero helmet isn’t going to suddenly propel you into an age group winning position, but it is one of a number of small changes you an make to stack the odds in your favour!

The 2022 models are now available from only $299 USD @!

3. Assioma Favero Duo-Shi – Shimano Compatible Dual Sided Power Meter Pedals

Price: From $669 USD At Amazon!

Assimoa Favero have sold some of the best power meter pedals on the market for a number of years now. They are accurate, easy to install, super easy to swap between bikes and give a huge amount of detail to average/amateur cyclists all around the world. They have, however, had a big let down – they use a Look Cleat, which for many people is a big red flag. After all, so many cyclists use Shimano cleats and are unwilling to switch to something different altogether.

In 2021, they released their much awaited Assioma Favero Duo-Shi pedals, which allow users to connect their power meter spindles to Shimano SPD-SL cleats – halleluiah! Luckily, I didn’t switch everything across to “Look” cleats, and was able to keep everything in sync across my bikes.

For the pedals themselves, set up was a breeze – I had them installed, calibrated and connected to my Garmin Edge 830 ($399.99 From Amazon) within no more than 15 minutes. Data wise, the readings come through with minimal delay, are accurate, and provide all the data I need at a moment’s notice – Power, Cadence, L/R Split and more.

The other big benefit of these pedals is how easy it is to switch from one bike to another. In about 2 minutes, I can switch the pedals from my road bike to tri bike and be out the door – no other power meter on the market can boast that kind of flexibility!

Stock isn’t too bad on these pedals currently, and they are still only $669 USD from

4. Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

Price: From $234 USD At Amazon

OK, so I’m a bit of a brand snob! I’m not one to spend a huge amount of time with new/emerging brands. When it came to sunglasses though, I did spend some time trialing different shades before settling on the Jawbreakers.

I wanted something that worked for cycling and running, I wanted something comfortable and most importantly, I wanted something that looked good. I tried a number of different brands and styles, including BBB, 100%, Scicon and more, however it was when I tried on a mate’s pair of Jawbreakers that I was really blown away!

The Oakley Jawbreakers are light, they are super comfortable with no rubbing or tight spots, and they allowed quite decent airflow when running. Even better, they come in a MASSIVE amount of colors and styles!

Sunglasses are a personal thing and I know there is no one size fits all, but if you’re on the fence when it comes to sunglasses, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better pair than the Jawbreakers.

Check out all the colors here, starting from only $234 USD at!

5. On Cloud Cloudstratus Men’s Running Shoes

Price: Varies From $169-299 On Amazon

I started running as a pretty heavy guy. Yes, I had dropped some weight through cycling at first, but was still 120kg plus. When I started running, I got fitted for a pair of Hoke One One shoes, which did me well for the first few months. Unfortunately, as the distanced increased, I begun having a few calf issues, and also developed blisters in my arches.

I decided to check out other shoe options, and this was where my local running shop (shout out to The Running Centre Perth) re-fitted me and suggested a pair of Cloustratus shoes from On Running. They were a different feel to the Hoka’s and while I was apprehensive at first, as soon as I started running in them I knew I had made a great decision. They are supportive, comfortable, and perfect for short and long runs alike!

While I’m a big believer of being fitted for a shoe that fits your foot and running style, I am also partial to saving some $$$ and shopping online where possible, so if you want to give the On Cloud Cloudstratuses a go (and check out their awesome color ranges) – head to Amazon and check them out – they range from $169 -299 depending on size and colors.


Hopefully, an insight into a few of the products and gadgets that I use in my day to day training (and racing) can help point you in the right direction if you are looking into adding some new equipment to your arsenal. I’m also more than happy to provide other recommendations if needed, no matter what kind of product you are looking for – simply drop me a line at

Note: This post contains a few affiliate links. Affiliate income is used to fund the expenses of operating this page, and the other materials I provide across the range of “The Chubby Tri Guy” social and online accounts. By supporting the site (using the links provided to purchase items), you are enabling me to provide more and more free content for my readers!


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